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One Nation Under God


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President Ronald Reagan delivers a moving message in this July 4th video. His powerful speech affirms just how special the American form of Government is in our world... a government "OF, BY, and FOR the people". Reagan reminds us of the sacrifice given by our founding Father's back before our first "Independence Day' in 1776. And, he encourages us to once again make America a beacon of hope for others in our world who seek to live in a free society.

President Reagan closes out his remarks by referencing a quote from the Pledge of Allegiance that states that America is One Nation Under God. On this 4th of July, lift high the name of Jesus... the one who has given us true freedom.

Use this Fourth of July video to open your worship service during Independence Day weekend. This sermon illustration would also work well when you are preaching on the topics of freedom, religious freedoms, or the religious heritage of the United States of America.


by Kent Claussen Gubrud
Date Added: 07/09/2016


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