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License Agreement


Only you ("The Customer") are permitted to use the content you download from Hyper Pixels Media. No friends, no relatives, no associates. If anyone you know wishes to use the content they must purchase/download the content themselves. You are PROHIBITED from sharing the media / digital information with anyone.

You understand that the files downloaded from Hyper Pixels Media are given under a license and not a transfer of ownership. Hyper Pixels Media and/or its affiliates will continue to own the intellectual property rights of the content/digital information you download. Furthermore you agree to be bound by all the terms contained in this agreement as follows:

1. Intellectual Property and Copyright Laws

You acknowledge that the content available through our website is the property of Hyper Pixels Media and / or its content providers (members/affiliates) and is protected by copyright and/or other intellectual property laws.

2. Permitted Uses:

You are allowed to:
( a ) use the media as part of a presentation, sermon, or study in nearly any kind of setting: worship services, Bible studies, youth or childrens meetings, conferences, powerpoint presentations, and video presentations;
( b ) make one (1) copy of the content for back-up purposes only;
( c ) install the media in only one location; you may transfer the media from one location to another, however it may only be used in one location at a time;
( d ) re-download and save the media in the event of a hard-drive crash or other computer related problem (where your download has been lost);
( e ) use any of our print media in your church's/organization's publications, bulletins, postcards, brochures, and any other printed material produced specifially for your church. You may also provide the files to a printer so that they can produce these materials for your church or organization.

3. Prohibited Uses:

You are NOT allowed to:
( a ) sell, re-sell, sub-license, rent, lend, or otherwise distribute the content alone or as part of a collection;
( b ) provide a copy of the downloaded content, or any portions thereof, to anyone or allow anyone to gain access to the content;
( c ) share access to your account and your downloads on our website with anyone by any means;
( d ) make the media available in a downloadable format on the internet or use as the content of a website;
( e ) share the media on any peer-to-peer network or similar software/protocols that allow other people to have access to your files;
( f ) post/upload any file obtained from our website to a website intended to facilitate transfers/downloads of files via the Internet by individual users or usergroups;
( g ) post/upload any file obtained from our website to a video sharing site such as YouTube or GodTube;
( h ) copy, edit, modify, replicate or re-master the media in any way;
( i ) broadcast the media over the internet, television, or radio;
( j ) repackage the media with any other collection of media products for distribution or resale;
( k ) use the media in other videos (or media) for resale or reproduction;
( l ) do anything with the media that is not expressly permitted in this agreement.

4. Disclaimer

Hyper Pixels Media reserves the right to modify this agreement at any time without further notice.

If you have any questions related to this agreement or would like to buy a special license to use our media in a way not permitted by this agreement, then please contact us at support@hyperpixelsmedia.com.

(Last Updated on October 7, 2008)