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Communion Mini-Pack


1 Five-Minute Countdown, 9 Motion Backgrounds, 9 PowerPoint Backgrounds (Available in HD)

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This Communion Mini-Pack was designed to complement the presentation of The Lord’s Supper and encourage your congregation to remember the amazing sacrifice Jesus gave for us on the cross. The design features Jesus at the last supper, when he gave the church the ordinance of The Lord’s Supper (or Communion). The Lord’s Supper gives believers a time for special communion with the Lord, expressing our gratitude for His sacrifice. Using all of the media in this collection will bring continuity to your Communion Service. This mini-pack contains 1 five-minute countdown, 9 Motion Backgrounds, and 9 Still Backgrounds.

The matching Communion Countdown can be purchased separately.

The Still Backgrounds are also available separately: Communion Still Set.