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About Us

About Us

An Interview with Chris McGowan of Hyper Pixels Media

Chris McGowan
   Chris McGowan, Owner & Executive Producer
   Hyper Pixels Media

How did you get started in video production?
Sixteen years ago the Lord called me into the ministry, so I “gave up” a career as a Graphic Designer to serve the Lord in full-time ministry, as a Pastor. After seeing the impact that other churches were having with video, we jumped in with both feet… producing the best videos we could with a $300 camcorder, a homemade green-screen, and lots of duct tape.

About six years ago, I discovered a program that allowed me to combine my graphic skills with video. The program is called Adobe After Effects. And after watching hundreds of video tutorials on After Effects, I think I’m just starting to tap into the power of this incredible program.

And three years ago we felt the Lord calling us to create videos that other churches could use, as well. So, we sent out a video to several distributors and God has blessed our efforts far beyond what we deserve. It’s an honor to serve Him and we are always amazed at the incredible opportunities that He gives us in this ministry.

How do you decide what videos to produce?
I believe that serving as a Pastor has given me a unique understanding of the needs that Pastors have for sermon video resources. I also understand that our success is totally dependent on seeking out the Lord’s will and creating videos that He inspires. I certainly can’t say that we achieve that one hundred percent of the time, but our ultimate goal is to create videos that glorify the Lord and His Kingdom. Since the videos we create represent Christ and His church, we strive to keep our production values as high as possible.

Tell us about your family and what you do for fun?
I was very blessed to marry my high school sweetheart! Denise and I have been married for an amazing 22 years. We have three incredible children, Michael (21), Hannah (9), and little Abbey (5). Michael is attending college at Full Sail University in Orlando, Florida, studying to become a motion graphics designer. Hannah helps her dad out by creating ideas for videos that glorify Jesus. And Abbey loves to watch GodTube videos about puppies and kitties!

For fun, when I’m not watching After Effects tutorials, I love to play golf (even though I stink at it), watching movies in our home theater with my kids, and taking my wife out to eat at “Olive Garden”.

Tell us about some of your most recent projects.

2010 Theme Video for The National Day of Prayer
We’ve been very blessed to have the opportunity to work with the National Day of Prayer Task Force over the last several years. We're currently in production for the 2011 Theme Video for the National Day of Prayer which is coming up on May 5.

Pro-Life Video provided to Counselors at Real Alternatives in PA
Recently, we had the honor of working with an “alternative to abortion” program in the state of Pennsylvania. Our pro-life video called The Miracle of Life has been made available as a resource to Real Alternatives’ 118 counselors who work directly with women who are experiencing unplanned and crisis pregnancies. The video was also made available for viewing on their web site.

Promotional Video for See You at the Pole
We created this video to encourage students and adults to be a part of "See You at The Pole". Join millions of students from around the world in prayer for your friends, family, school, and nation.